domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Innocent smile

She looked at him and smiled the most innocent smile, she was "Will you something to eat?" She asked, while a serious-ish face, somehow, anyway. He walked over, grabbed her hair and turned her face away from him and beat her ass hard as he felt at ease ... The night was still young. It was not what she expected and she was surprised ... surprised that they did not fix second sperm. She moaned in pain, that kind of pain that can not be so closely linked with pleasure when the person you are with how you go crazy with desire. He pulled her hair hard enough to need his advice that she get up on all fours and customs at the bedside. He pushed her face down in the bed and stood behind her, admiring the view. It could be in this position of power, when the mood struck him, it was so good to work with latent frustrations, and unmet needs, plus he knew loved their dirty whore inside. He pulled her dress just enough to make him the perfect view of her ass, now complete with an imprint of the palm well defined, the perfect complement to the whole scene. "Do not move." He was still fully dressed, with his cell phone from his pocket and take a picture, which, although he would never forget in his head, was still a beautiful shot for evenings being alone. Videos Porno

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