jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

All right

He realized he would have to grow a little longer than it was as close as she had described. He bent over her in some of its weight and felt the tip of his cock into her pop, she gasped, and he tensed up, "Are you okay?" He whispered softly than he had expected. She nodded and he pushed a little shyly. It was the quietest in her room was, as they had arrived. The air was heavy with his concern for her and her concern for him ... okay, so his concern was for him to start fucking her noise, but still ... She murmured: "All right, you will not break me ..." as she pushed in a little bit. She began to sway back and forth until it moved in time buried with her, how she returned to her face into the mattress. It seemed to ease into it and took the swing, the hands begin to stand firmly on her hips and buttocks. He suddenly heard and felt for what took a deep breath and eternity began to throb in her so hard he nearly put flat on the bed. She moaned and cursed loudly and urged him to quit her home. He knew he had seconds left and took the opportunity to take a palm print matching just below the first before it reached a handful of hair and pull hard to leave. Jerking his head as she put her back arched, and he filled her ass with a value of one day's sperm. He continued to pump into her as her orgasm subsided, the hair of his hand slowly, until it collapses. Her hips followed her ass down and he pulled her out of bed on the floor with him. He slid out of her head as she and her brood under her chin as her arms around her. She loved the afterglow, which came with lots of sex. They had always joked that none of them was far too long cuddle sessions. Their modus operandi was used to take a shower, a bite, maybe a drink, and leave their brains to solve the TV. He usually plays video games, and just generally relaxed, but at this point would not anywhere but here - and on one floor of the hotel, shallow breathing, sweating, and happy as can the be. Cumlouder Forum

martes, 3 de julio de 2012

Her ass

His face was as red hand print on her ass and she felt like she could explode if not fuck, and fast. He was the only person to ever make her blush, she had to check these few nights in the mirror - yep, rosy cheeks, in fact ... Son of a bitch. The Power Play was still in him and he did so poorly, she said it more than once, and he always replied that she was just as bad. "Please fuck my aSHHHHHHH. I will if I choose to and not a moment sooner." He was so damn good for that, it should be illegal. Part was that face, it was so hot that boy Damn Damn him look innocent. It took several months of discussions, finally admitting he was not as angelic as he seemed. It was when she realized that even if she had read in a chat room for adults, they had picked up in a chat room adult, he was hunting. She had tried to tell him that it was a bad influence on him, and then vice versa, but they finally compromised that they were as bad influences, but still really really do not think that ... so far. She prayed that the very bad side and made it no secret that they are loved by him inspected the bedroom. And that's where his body was certainly not keep all the secrets of her own ... She felt her legs begin to shake and reveal how their ability to remain still, as he said. She wanted him and it seemed an eternity, until they begin to move again he felt behind him. She heard her unzip jeans, heard taking a deep breath, feel the warmth of her hand through her dress, as he placed one on the upper back, the other tight around his cock as he rubbed up and down her pussy which was well beyond the point that soaked. He came only for a few quick, slow movements before going out and move the head of his cock slide up and down her ass before the start of slow. Despite his love too rough with a whole from this point of view, makes him a little nervous, and he did not want to hurt her. She told him she loved anal sex and she had assured him that it would not hurt him, but he was cautious and slow on his record. Videos Porno

domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Innocent smile

She looked at him and smiled the most innocent smile, she was "Will you something to eat?" She asked, while a serious-ish face, somehow, anyway. He walked over, grabbed her hair and turned her face away from him and beat her ass hard as he felt at ease ... The night was still young. It was not what she expected and she was surprised ... surprised that they did not fix second sperm. She moaned in pain, that kind of pain that can not be so closely linked with pleasure when the person you are with how you go crazy with desire. He pulled her hair hard enough to need his advice that she get up on all fours and customs at the bedside. He pushed her face down in the bed and stood behind her, admiring the view. It could be in this position of power, when the mood struck him, it was so good to work with latent frustrations, and unmet needs, plus he knew loved their dirty whore inside. He pulled her dress just enough to make him the perfect view of her ass, now complete with an imprint of the palm well defined, the perfect complement to the whole scene. "Do not move." He was still fully dressed, with his cell phone from his pocket and take a picture, which, although he would never forget in his head, was still a beautiful shot for evenings being alone. Videos Porno

sábado, 30 de junio de 2012

Hardcore sex

It was months since she had her ass fucked at home and she was ready, as it could be. It felt smooth and confident and sexy as hell. She loved him with a nasty girl, like a good girl with him, with him. She looked at the clock - 05.05 clock - he would be back in 10 minutes and they had to think about how they wanted to be there for him when he came - looked out the window, sat on the chair on each side the office chair in the back, sitting on the balcony - casually? determined? Not all think so much about how you sit, when its hot leg is on the way back to the hotel hot, dirty, hardcore sex, anal? who knows. She chose the bed and lay on his stomach, reading a book because they did not expect it any time. She heard footsteps in the hallway and looked down to at least ensure that the book was in the right direction, oh, who deceived them was, it was all for show, he knew, she knew, and he had in him not being a time. He stood at the door for a while and adjusted himself, fuck it's a long drive was - every 14 minutes ago. It was the turn of the decision, as he wanted to spend the evening today. He wanted to be his first time to an unforgettable experience - he knew he would not last long in her ass, but that does not destroy the experience. He imagined her on her back, her legs on his shoulders. He stood on all fours, ass in the right hip. He turned to the side spoon with depth. He needed all ... go inside and get his hands on his neck and look into their eyes and tell her she has put in place and are ready to have her ass fucked until he was finished with her was. * Deep breath * Her ass looked so perfect in this dress, these socks looked undeniably hot, and she was there, and laid it without a care in the world. He wanted so badly to do tonight, they stood out so hard on this type of pain and he could not wait to leave bite marks and hand prints of all of this round, pale, perfect ass. Sex Shop

viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Dirty abbes

It would be 9-5 with his training, and when he returned, she had almost naked in her hotel room and waited for him, wanted him in as soon as he set foot inside . Carefully chose an outfit - knee-high black socks with lace on top and fit a simple bow in the back, a black bra with a keyhole neck for a tight black dress that showed just the right amount of cleavage and leg just enough. She texted a picture of her ass in these months are under her dress a little before 05 hours. She did not want to torture him too, he still have to go back to the hotel in one piece. He felt his phone vibrate and smiled to himself. When she made him a master to follow with a straight face in any situation was, and God knows she had pushed the boundaries. It was always something a split shot when you were alone at night in your room and receive a very different picture pussy spread wide when you play your friend's house poker.He still had 30 minutes to workout go for a little wait to see his phone, but his fingers seemed to work faster than his common sense and it was a picture of this wonderfully warm sweet ass, he had spent several nights on Cumming as it is healthy. He was glad it was him with images of his legs almost dirty for less than it failed. It was not so much the image as a text that came with it - "05.15 Clock" Patterns and jargon, and troubleshooting are all blurred over the next half hour that his heart began to beat and tightened its dick and tight, to break free of his jeans. It took a few deep breaths and turned on his cell phone, jam it into his pocket and tried to focus again for a little more. Journey 15 minutes to hotel would be a challenge, but for now ...

jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

That morning in the shower, shaved her legs

They had only talked online for several weeks, as he never had the pleasure of working with a young girl who had told her anal sex with her. It was certainly a fan of his and the clear as day. His wife was too afraid it would hurt, like all his friends in front of her. She said she would also be ready for his first, and he quickly took the offer. They had taken a few days earlier at a local hotel and had fun fucking in all possible directions during his week away from home. She knew she had been in his mind from day one, but she wanted to keep him a little, he had done quite well. She knew he had to have it on your mind each day that they met today and she wanted to be perfect for him. That morning in the shower, shaved her legs, her pussy trimmed, and sought their favorite shower gel - a plain vanilla. She hopes that every time he smelled the vanilla in the future, he would think about it.

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The Trade Off

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