miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Carmen Cums Alot

Carrmen was being tutored because of her falling grades as a freshman in college. She was tasked to revise one of her papers and when her tutor, Danny, waltzed back into the room to check on her progress, he found her thumbing through a magazine and having an utter disregard for anything scholastic at all. She ignored him, treated him very rudely and was being a totally spoiled brat until Danny mentioned he would tell her father all about it and let him deal with it. He was sure her father would not be at all pleased and that could quite possible effect her weekly college allowance. Carrmen begged and pleaded for him to give her another chance but Danny would not relent. She finally offered him something he could not refuse. Danny not only made sure Carrmen hit the books hard, but also hit that ass hard and fast. She not only secured his silence but also got Danny to do all her homework as well. Good Scene but there should be a facial 100% of the time lol. Finally crotchless leggings that add to a scene and Carmen plays her part well.She can easilly do mainstream modling. Hot girl! But the stud is a little lame. He could barely keep it hard. Give her Voodoo or JMAC to really rock that package. This chick is really really hot, get her back...good scene, keep up the good work RK!!! AWESOME SCENE!!! CAMERA PERSON MORE ANGLE VIEWS!!!!! WANT TO SEE WHAT HE SEES LOOKIN DOWN AT SEXY BLONDE BEIN POUNDED!!! Why do you wait so long to get them completely naked???. Leggings and the creampie.wow! i would love to see alot more creampies on pure18. 10/10. That blue tights is fucking amazing!!! great scene. Finally no Voodoo. One of the best scenes on RK. Keep up the great work! Perfect scene...Carmen has nice long legs, and a super clean pussy and butthole. More double blowjob and so on in this cycle. Ill tutor her any day hahahan Gorgeous - and a hell of a show~ I believe I`m looking at "Buffy the Vampire Thriller". Give Voodoo a leather coat and a bleach and star him as "Spike". Beautiful Pussy and nice big clit..chick is hot. Ahhh, love the creampie on these young ones!rn BEAUTIFUL! No TATS!! NICE FEET!! CREAMPIE!! What more can we ask for???!!! AWESOME!! Carmen is very very hot! Have more of her for sure. n Nice! Her smallish tits and no tattoos adds to the illusion of being an 18 yr old school girl. Girl is friggin' hot. And the creampie? 2 words" Awe Some! RK - bring the brunettes back. This chick is hot, but the last 7 updates have been blondes. Change it up! I think he did better then voodoo thats just me though. Amazing amazing girl wow. Carmen is another great newcummer! And thank you for clothed, stockings-only and fully nude segments--something for everyone! Wow one of the best scenes ever. Bring her back a lot! Yea Voodoo owns this kid. Mediocre performer this guy is. On the other hand this girl is gorgeous! Hottest chick in the industry today. She will be blowing up next few years! carmen WOW 10/10.the guy 3/10.flacid 1/2 the time.give her jmac.she is sensational.lets see more of her but with superstuds. Wow!!! This girl instantly goes into my personal Hall of Fame. It's very rare to find a girl like Carmen. A true FTBBLP girl... Yesss - perfect make up video from the mom bang teens vid. Hot scene, Danny>>>>>Voodoo. Get her naked quicker next time. More kissing and 69. Other than that, perfect. Thx RK Chicas Webcam 803 straight, blonde, stockings, shaved, skinny, white, 1on1, 18 plus teen porn, asslick, blow jobs, creampie, deepthroat, Carmen Monet

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