sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Something About Her

Stevie was upset her parents hired a personal trainer for her to improve on her volleyball skills after they found she was in danger of losing her scholarship. Her attention seemed to be focused on something else entirely and they thought a personal trainer would be the best way to get her to refocus her efforts. She was not into the workouts at all and she kept giving her trainer Voodoo a hard time. She played coy with him while he was pointing out how a certain exercise will help strengthen her gluteus maximus. She poured on her advances by slowly dropping her sweatpants and at that exact moment Voodoo's jaw also dropped to the floor. He tried to resist and be professional as best he could but a sexy, little pure 18 vixen with an astounding ass and a nice set of nubile, marvelous melons is just too irresistible for any man worth his weight in cock meat. She held on to his heavy dumbbell and took his lucky ass for a ride he will not soon forget. voodoo never fails to make me laugh; i love these RK clips with him- he gets the hot girls, awesome videos and funny buildups! Needs more anal. and can u PLEASE quit making voodoo act. just let him nail the girls and keep his moth shut. Best part was missionary right before cum shot. even Voodoo wasn't too annoying this time. The updates the last 3 weeks have been bad....none of the gals are worth looking at. Super hot girl and excellent update. Great work RK and thank you for leaving the anal out. I agree, beautiful pussy. Amazing girl, she can come back anytime. Fuck anal, i enjoyed watching that beautiful pussy get filled. i really dont see how anyone can hate voodoo he does the job well. Stevie is absolutely stunning! Reality Kings needs to get her in an anal scene soon. Anal please !!!!!!!! nice blonde. enjoyed the toenail and fingernail polish color. nice! The need more anal. Wow! This girl is really hot!! This is a 10..bring her back weekly! Thanks Mr. Voodoo for sharing your cock with her! Great job guys this girl is hot, some odd tats 10/10.STEVIE AMAZING.Gorgeous body/pussy/asshole.VOODOO top job.great asslick.gave 10 with no anal[RK anti anal now}anal and 10. Love stevie shae!!!! More of her. Atta girln Chicas Cam 803 straight, blonde, shaved, skinny, tanlines, tattoo, white, gym, 1on1, 18 plus teen porn, asslick, blow jobs, deepthroat, Stevie Shae

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