jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

Super Spread

Jessicanyx strolled up to our house with her long legs and slender body. This horny college student was looking for something fun to do whit her giant tits. She was well informed from a friend about the party and was already wet from anticipation. She loved to masturbate so we let her do her thing. Commando stepped in with his dick out, and she started to slurp it up with out thinking twice. Her hungry pussy gobbled his cock until he couldn't hold the fiesta in anymore. DONT KNOW WHY RK KEEPS USING THIS MIDGET, GET RID OF THIS LOOSER!!! CHICK IS HOT!!! He went for the facial, but came up short. She has real potential. I like her. I can't believe the little guy didn't eat her from asshole to belly button. This chick looks like kristen cavilari. A robot and a midget. Very hot!! This was good at best...hate to say it. I AGREE SHES BORING.Just went through it like a mechanical robot.no passion/fire.we want girls that put effort in.very tame .... Pretty face shame about the tits & tats !! Sexy girl. Awesome update. This girl is so boring.... Little people gotta get their nut, too, man! I enjoyed it and it looked like she did too! How soon can you get her back? straight, blonde, big tits, shaved, skinny, tall, tattoo, white, 1on1, blow jobs, Jessica Nyx

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