jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

That morning in the shower, shaved her legs

They had only talked online for several weeks, as he never had the pleasure of working with a young girl who had told her anal sex with her. It was certainly a fan of his and the clear as day. His wife was too afraid it would hurt, like all his friends in front of her. She said she would also be ready for his first, and he quickly took the offer. They had taken a few days earlier at a local hotel and had fun fucking in all possible directions during his week away from home. She knew she had been in his mind from day one, but she wanted to keep him a little, he had done quite well. She knew he had to have it on your mind each day that they met today and she wanted to be perfect for him. That morning in the shower, shaved her legs, her pussy trimmed, and sought their favorite shower gel - a plain vanilla. She hopes that every time he smelled the vanilla in the future, he would think about it.

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